Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Surf City 2005

Thank you to everyone for coming out and helping at/racing our funny little series. We hope you all noticed that amidst the silliness, 3 things were paramount:
Great course, fast results, good time.

After we recover, we will be looking at whether or not we can do it again. As much as we (I) want to keep the series alive, its a huge undertaking. We welcome any feedback, suggestions, etc you have. I know I've already got my improvement list, just in case.

Results and photos are all here.

I personally want to thank:
*Brent Chapman for venue selection and fabu course design
*Miss Mary and Jeni for the world's best clinic
*Clinic instructors:
Sarah Kerlin, Melodie Metzger, Camen D'Aluisio, Chris D'Aluisio, Ben Jacques-Maynes, Stella Carey, Ann Fitzsimmons, Simon Vickers, and Josie Beggs.
*Jeff Clark - just about everything
*DJ Grant Stoner for the tunes
*Miss Mary again for the food
*Steve Litvin for the USGP insight, the expo, and the boogie
*Laura Sanchez - Booth babe to end all booth babes
*Valerie Mangin - For keeping kiddie kross alive!
*Pazzo - for capturing our personality so well in graphics
*Dave, Matt, Tim, Jeff H, Steve, Chris, Anthony, and other course set up/take down regulars
*All the Bella, SCCC, and other race day volunteers
*And the one and only Amy Hall


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Miss Mary said...

Hey, I'm in for the long haul, whatever you decide!


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