Thursday, May 25, 2006

Its Happening in Kern County

About a half dozen bellas made the trip to Bakersfield, CA for the 10th annual Kern County Women's Stage Race.

Lots of trials and tribulations and teetotaling (whatever that is)

Ryan won a stage
Liz won the overall
Linda won our hearts (and the award for doing this 10 years in a row!!!)

and our support crew treated us like the princesses we are.

If you missed out on the fun, you can check out the pics here


At 6:11 AM, Blogger Ippoc Amic said...

This was one of my most memorable Kerns ever thanks to everyone involved and you know who you are. Last year was fun since it was the first year as a Bella. This year was fun on fun. Getting to race with Sabine again. Being able to race with Liz and not see her off in the distance. All the guys were super and took off a lot of the non-race pressure. "Is my tire ok? Yes, don't worry". Last year Erika had to look after me in the circuit race. This year felt much better thanks to some easy riding. And, thanks to Erika and Liz for sharing their prize money.
Ippoc Amic aka Linda


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