Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lieselot Decroix to finish out season with the NRC team

Everyone keeps asking me who Lieselot Decroix is. Well if you live near Minneapolis or somewhere out in Belgium or event Hood River OR you just might would know who she is.

Lieselot is one of our Jr. Velo Bella’s (international too), just 19 years old living here as an exchange student from Belgium. Her name is pronounced pretty much like its spelled (lisa-lot). Tough one for promoters when they are calling her up for awards!

I had Lieselot on the radar for the team for a while, but wanted to make sure she was ready to race in the NRC circuit. Well, I contacted Sarah Stratton out in MN and asked her to keep an eye on Lieselot’s progression for me. She started the season off with a bang and took several top 3s and started racing in the masters’ men’s races to get ready for some NRC fun.

After Nicole had decided it was time to retire I contacted Sarah about Lieselot's progression and told me that she was ready for NRC. So I extended the offer to have her join us at Mt Hood to test her legs out. And test them she did. Lieselot took 7th place on Sunday's final grueling mountain stage and 12th overall in GC in her first NRC race!

We have extended our offer to her and she will be joining us at Cascade and BC Super Week to wrap up the season before heading back home to Belgium. Plans are for her to move out here to the Bay Area and spend some time racing in some local races in between the next few weeks. So keep your eye out for her and say hi.

I will keep you all updated on how it goes for her!

More photos of Lieselot at MT Hood

Brent Chapman
VB-KONA Road Team Manager


At 4:52 PM, Blogger Lula-La Lula-Hula said...

Thanks Brent.
Lots of gals here were asking me about this "19 years old from Velo-Bella who raced like a Pro"at Mt. Hood and I didn't know what to say besides: "yah...she is a Bella".
But on the back of my mind I was thinking: "does this girl really exist or it is just their imagination due to the arduos suffering stage after stage?"
Guess what? she exists!!! and she is coming to town. Uhu....


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