Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Whats up for the Velo Bella -Kona Road team for July?

Report from Bend Oregon.

This week starting Thursday the Bella gals will be racing the Cascade Classic stage race (the same one Lance used to springboard back after cancer!).

The weather is beautiful and the ladies are all excited about this race as this is one of the final races of the year for the team to travel to.
We will post more to the Velo Bella email aliases as the week progresses.

Right after Cascade is over we head straight to wonderful British Columbia Canada where the gals partake in the BC Superweek series. This is the first year for Velo Bella to attend so everyone is super excited as we hear that this race series is one of the best on the west coast. Be sure to check out the BC Superweek site!

First on the list is "Tour De White Rock" where the gals fresh off cascade will only be able to make the Criterium however flamingo flocker Sarah Kerlin might be sneaking up for an early bid at taking home some money on the Kona Queen Zing! Sarah might also be going to the newest edition to bcsuper week called "Giro di Burnaby". Looks like a blast! Go Sarah!

After that we head on over for "Tour De Gastown" the gals are worried about me having too much fun at this race because the smell coming from the back seat can be terrible when on the road! Just kidding. Gas Town is another Super Classic for the Canadian road scene that the ladies are bound to have a blast at.

Then we cruise over to "Tour De Delta".. man if you haven't had enough in 2 weeks straight of racing this is supposed to be the epic way to wrap it all up!
The gals will also be meeting up with another local group of ladies called the Dizzy Chicks for group ride and then a local event with the Mayor oh my!

Send out those Bella Beams to the chicas of the road.

VB-Kona Road Team Manager


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